Resources Reference

Cream of Tarter/ Potassium Bitartrate/ White Argol
Mineral crystals that are found naturally in grapes. Grapes can be found in growing wild along the Chicago River. Fall is also grape season, and you would not believe the amount of surplus at the end of the Farmer’s Markets.

Gall Nuts / Wasp gall on Oak
Galls are formed around the eggs of wasps on Oak trees. They are high in tannic acids and have been long used for inks and dyes. Oak trees grow throughout the city’s public parks.

Horse Manure
Horse manure from local stables can be a rich soil amendment and is commonly used for compost for urban agriculture. Ask local farms or visit horse stables in and around Chicago for manure, including the city’s police horse stables.

Sunflower Seeds
Look out for what is being grown and tossed from the city parks – such as these organic sunflowers seeds that can be lightly roasted. When picking the right sunflowers look for plump seeds with many stripes.

Wood Ash
Wood ash can be produced through the burning of scrap wood and mulch from the Bureau of Forestry maintenance. Free pick-up sites are located throughout the city.

Milk/ Yogurt
Grocery stores are the ultimate urban resource because many remove items from their shelves BEFORE expiration dates as quality control. It’s easy to check for bad milk- trust your nose and you will know.


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