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We are officially out of eggs and are moving on to apples!
Come by to help make apple cider vinegar, apple butter, spiced cider, and anything else you can think of with apples. Bring recipes, jars, spices, and helping hands!
Also feel free to stop by just to pick up some apples to take home.

ALSO if you are looking for THANKSGIVING PLANS, you can come to Gleaner’s Thanksgiving!
Dinner starts at 7PM but come by earlier if you can to help prep.
Join us by bringing a prepared drink, dish, dessert, etc that is made with at least ONE salvaged ingredient – whether that be gleaned, foraged, dumpster-dived, re-discovered (in the far depths of your pantry/fridge)… And we’d love for you to share your experience of finding and cooking with your special ingredient(s).


Little Turnip Heads

Hey won’t you join us for our THIRD round of eggsss processing.

More pickled beet eggs, salted eggs, tea eggs… and maybe century eggs!
I’m trying to think of what other (perhaps cultural) methods of egg preservation are out there (other than Chinese). If you have any insight let me know!
Also we weren’t able to get to turnip cakes last week so let’s do that.
Inline image 1
Changes to schedule – Processing will be THURSDAY this week and maybe in the future as well.
Thursday, November 21, 2013
3:30 PM-9 PM
Bring JARS (any kind), recipes, things you want to process, helping hands.
seeya there!