Eggs cetera

This week, we will attempt to preserve the rest of the eggs (Perhaps 20 dozen are left!). Note** that we will be starting later than usual, 6PM – 10PM, but Michael and I will have some prep work done before then.

So that means, Wednesday 11/13, 6-10PM @ WELCOME HOME


We’ll need… quicklime (foor grade), wood ash, charcoal ash, and rice chaffs.


Need lots of salt, some star anise, szechuan peppercorns… if you have shaoxing cooking wine let me know!

Maybe some TEA EGGS
Need star anise, black tea, szechuan peppercorns

Definitely More PICKLED BEET EGGS!

Finally, to get away from the eggs, we have a bucket of second-pick turnips from City Farm for TURNIP CAKES!


Glass Jar Donations!

We are in need of more containers to store processed goods! If you have any laying around that you would like to donate to the house, it would make our day!

Underground Food Exchange

This Thursday from 7:30-8:30, the Bridgeport Manor will be hosting their first food exchange. Meet other people who are excited about food for an opportunity to trade extra food that you have, made, or grew for other groceries that you may need! Email Rob for more info-

Gleaners’ Thanksgiving

If you have not yet made plans for Thanksgiving, we want to invite you to share the experience with us!


To show our appreciation for the abundant, forgotten, and wasted food around us, we would like to get together for a gleaned Thanksgiving meal!

Join us by bringing a prepared drink, dish, dessert, etc that is made with at least ONE salvaged ingredient – whether that be gleaned, foraged, dumpster-dived, re-discovered (in the far depths of your pantry/fridge)… And we’d love for you to share your experience of finding and cooking with your special ingredient(s).

IF YOU NEED CLEAN GLEANED INGREDIENTS FEEL FREE TO COME TO W E L C O M E H O M E (contact Liana – because we have tons of stuff that we would be happy that you use free of charge.

**Also post what plan on bringing, so we can ensure a variety!**

Dinner starts at 7PM, but feel free to com as early as you like to cook & prepare.
And of course bring family and friends- all are invited

❤ Liana


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