WELCOME HOME: Food Processing

I live in a quaint cozy pink house on the south west side of the city with a generous-sized kitchen and back yard space, 2 lovely roommates, and 2 cats. WELCOME HOME is an attempt to open up our domestic space to public use as a hub for sharing and exchange.

Beginning as an effort to deal with the incredible abundance of Fall harvest, to save food from being wasted, and to stock up for the winter, we have been hosting food processing at our house Wednesdays from 2-9PM.
Guests are invited to bring excess food, supplies, recipes, and experience or to come and learn.

Canning – Baking – Drying – Fermenting – Prepping


Michael and Megan peeling tomatillos


Making banana bread out of squishy ripe bananas and apple sauce from Green City Market apples.


A twist on pumpkin pie using pumpkins, bananas, and applesauce.


Look out for what is being grown and tossed from the city parks – such as these organic sunflowers seeds that can be lightly roasted. When picking the right sunflowers look for plump seeds with many stripes.


Contrary to last year, we’ve had an abundant apple crop in the Midwest this Fall. A good way to preserve apples before they go bad is to chop them up and dry them. The sugars become much more concentrated with sweetness in every slice.


Canned goods can make great alternative currency that can be traded as barter for other goods. So far I’ve traded my tomatillos and tomatoes for maple syrup, venison jerky, and pickled spicy tomatoes!


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